Jerry Damson Honda
Jerry Damson Honda

Honda Transmission Service

Modern vehicle transmissions are highly sophisticated components of your vehicle. They are designed with the most engineering possible to ensure you get the highest fuel economy, and smoothest ride. All of this technology requires very exact maintenance schedules, and specialized fluids to support the performance and longevity of your transmission. You can trust in knowing that we have a full staff of factory trained Honda technicians and exact OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fluids and parts available for all of your transmission service needs.

Here is some information from Honda on the importance of using original equipment Honda transmission fluids:

Most people don’t stop to think about the fluid in their automatic transmission. The truth is that fluid in their automatic transmission has a direct impact on how well their transmission shifts, how smoothly it performs, and how long the transmission lasts. Transmission fluid also has a direct impact on your Honda’s fuel economy. Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid has been thoroughly laboratory-tested, and is specifically formulated to meet the needs of Honda vehicles. It uses the finest ingredients that deliver the ideal friction properties for efficient shifting, economical transfer of power, and a smooth ride with exceptional performance.

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